KMK GRANIT, a.s. - těžba a úprava surovin

Mírová 545, 357 47 Krásno , tel.: (+420) 352 688 203, fax: (+420) 352 688 136, e-mail:

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KMK GRANIT, a.s. - těžba a úprava surovin

During its activity of work at the deposit, the company KMK GRANIT has realised the exchange of manufacturing equipment and its modernization. At present, the main product of the company is FKS 0-5. It is a feldspar raw material intended mainly for utilize in ceramics industry, glass houses, porcelain factories, or elsewhere. The constituency of our customers has also amplified markedly and the material is also exported, nowadays especially to Poland and Germany. KMK GRANIT was transformed into joint stock company 30 of August 2006.

The company KMK GRANIT is specialized in mining and treatment of raw materials. Whole yearlong production is150-200 thousand tons of feldspar. According to the chemical composition, feldspar from the Krásno deposit belongs to the group of soda potassium feldspars with a feldspar substance content 55-65% and iron content maximum 0.60%. This feldspar raw material is used as flux and grog of ceramic materials without demand on white colour of the body.
Present utilize is at production of pressed, glazed and sintered pavements with high - speed firing, drawn stoneware pavements, stoneware casting and rotary materials for utility and decorative ceramics, and as an additional raw material of feldspar blends, for example for sanitary ceramics production, technical packing glass.

Place of business:

Mírová 545, 357 31 Krásno

Company ID: 46884556
Tax ID: CZ46884556

Join-stock capital 2 mil. CZK

The company is registered in the commercial register led by the Regional Court in Plzeň, reg. B 1255.

Bank connection:
UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s.
2109807018 / 2700 CZK 
2109807026 / 2700 EUR


Mírová 545, 357 31 Krásno

phone: (+420) 352 688 203


Plant quarry:

feldspar quarry Krásno
357 31 Krásno

phone: (+420) 352 688 107

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